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Guest Post: How To Shop For Your Partner

Today’s guest post comes from the stylist team at Style Pilot, a personal style engine for men. Style Pilot aims to help men navigate and master men’s fashion. Learn more about Style Pilot here.

Buying clothes for a partner can be a minefield.  You need to know what he likes and more importantly what he’ll look good in.

Whether you’re an overbearing partner dictating to your other half, or he’s quite happy letting you dress him, then stop it. Now.  If your partner is happy for you to dress him, then frankly I hope you are intentionally dressing him appallingly and he is delighted with his look.  That said, there will undoubtedly come a time when your partner needs a major wardrobe makeover and he may well have to be dragged into the current season kicking and screaming.

Your first consideration must always be what he already wears.  Are you buying something similar as a complementary garment to existing threads or are you looking for a move away to a different look?  Bear in mind if you’re looking to change or update your partner’s look that it’ll take more than two t-shirts and a pair of jeans, be prepared to increase your budget if this is the case!

Ask the advisors in the store if you’re unsure.  You know what is in his wardrobe already – tell the advisor and they’ll find you something similar.  Often this is a great rapport builder, particularly if you can find an in store advisor who has had similar experiences and can empathize with you.

Of course, if you’re buying clothes as a gift then the person liking it needs to be factored in.  Potentially this will be counter-balanced with your own tastes, and how comfortable you are being seen with him dressed that way.  An easy tip here is to always buy functional, work clothes.  Even if you don’t like what he’s wearing, you won’t see your partner while he’s at work anyway yet you’ve bought him something he’s comfortable in and feels confident and stylish wearing.

If you’re at a complete loose end, why not try an online outfit builder?  Simply sign up and input your partners’ body type, skin, hair and eye colors, and let the outfit builder take care of the rest.  Based on the details you give us, we can build a wardrobe of suitable, interchangeable clothes for your partner.  Whether you’re looking for one or two garments or a full fashion overhaul, we can help you get your partner looking great at all times.

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