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Sadly, the Puffy Pony is a Hair DON’T for me.

I’m such a sucker for hair styling products. Blowdryers, flat irons and curling irons can all get up there in price very quickly, so when strolling the haircare aisle of a grocery store it’s pretty easy to succumb to temptation and drop a $3 hair product into your cart.

That’s how I ended up with The Puffy Pony. It’s sad really, I had such high hopes. The Puffy Pony is a “volumizing styling tool” touted as “little tool, big results!”

Well, half of that statement is true: it’s little. The results were disappointing.

Here is what the brand has to say about the Puffy Pony:

Puff up your ponytail!

Tired of jaw clamps that slip out and fake ponytails to get that “puffed up” pony look? Never adjust your hair again with the Puffy Pony┬« volumizing styling tool. The Puffy Pony┬« allows you to achieve that puffed up look using your own hair! Fast and easy to use.

And here is a photo from their website showing the resulting style:

Nothing fancy, which is fine. When I decided to give it a try, my thought was, “Maybe this could be a cute way to upgrade a pony for the gym, or days when I just don’t have time to mess with my hair.”

Here’s my problem. Unless I used a huge amount of heavy-duty hairspray (no thanks), there is no way I could get my hair to lay like the woman’s in the photo above. After three separate attempts (once with clean straight hair, once with one-day-dirty straight hair, and once with one-day-dirty curly hair), I remained disappointed with the resulting look.

My hair, which is around shoulder length with normal texture and thickness, always ended up splitting on either side of the Puffy Pony. The look wasn’t cute, at all. And on top of the disappointing look, the Puffy Pony was impossible to hide.

Not a huge deal, since the Puffy Pony is inexpensive. But I thought I’d share it with you all in case you are equally susceptible to the temptations of the haircare aisle.

Have you tried the Puffy Pony?
Love it? Not for you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!
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