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Tutorial: Do-It-Yourself Decorative Magnets

I’m not going to pretend that I’m the most crafty gal on the block, but since we moved to a neighborhood that is within a two-mile radius of four arts and craft stores (I am not kidding, count ’em: Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Blick Art & Craft, Hobby Lobby), I have reluctantly embraced the DIYer way of life.


These magnets look adorable on my fridge, and would also be a cute gift for a friend. Even better, they were incredibly easy to make (even for a novice crafter like me!) and require minimal supplies: decorative glass gems, craft glue, a circular paper punch, magnets and an old magazine (or any publication to punch small images from). I originally intended to use images from pieces of scrapbook paper for the magnets, but I ended up preferring the look of random text pulled from a magazine.


Here is the tutorial for DIY decorative magnets! (click to enlarge)

Shabby Chic DIY Home Decor (budget friendly!)

diy home decor crafts

I always try to have candles lit around the house, creating a cozy ambiance and filling the air with the scent of warm vanilla sugar and sweet cinnamon pumpkin.  With autumn in full swing I decided it was time to redecorate a bit, and the hutch near our entrance was the perfect place to begin.


I love the combination of rugged burlap and classic lace for the luminaries which were made with empty jars.  The luminaries are best described “rustic meets romance.” Placing a piece of burlap in an inexpensive frame creates an intriguing texture and provides a nice background for a message to be written with a dry-erase marker. Both craft projects were simple and even better – budget friendly.  If you are feeling crafty, you can see the tutorials here and here.