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DIY Highlight & Contour Kit (Makeup How-To)

One of the features I’ve always been self-conscious of is my cheeks. Or maybe it’s just my bone structure. I can’t help it, but I sometimes cringe when I see photos of myself, especially if I’m smiling. And if I gain weight, my face is the first place it becomes evident. Ever since learning that makeup artists use bronzers and highlighters to contour and create perfect bone structure, I’ve been on the hunt for a kit that would help me attempt this technique myself.

Well, I’ve had absolutely zero success, so I decided to experiment with what I have on hand. Of course, the first place I turn to is my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. Here’s the combination of shades that seem to work best with my complexion:

  • Highlighter – Foxy (Naked 2 palette)
  • Bronzer  – Naked (original Naked palette)

Foxy and Naked can also be purchased separately. Both eyeshadows perform well as face makeup as they are matte (free of sheen, glitter and shimmer).


Use a large fluffy brush to apply Naked to the hollows of your cheeks, blending along the jaw line and upwards along the hair line to your temples. If needed, blend by applying a quick sweep of Naked with a large fluffy brush to your neck and forehead. If Naked seems too dark for your complexion you can dilute the shade by first tapping the brush on the back of your hand. Remember to start with just a little, you can always build to a deeper tone.

If you want to slim your nose, use small or medium fluffy brush to sweep a small amount of Naked along both sides of the bridge. The darker shade creates a shadowy appearance, minimizing features you’d like to draw attention away from.

Highlighting does just the opposite. Foxy performs great as a highlighter, enhancing areas where light would naturally fall to play up your eyes and create a fresh complexion. Use a small or medium fluffy brush to apply Foxy down the bridge up your nose and under your eyes to minimize any darkness. Sometimes I sweep a bit of Foxy along my outer brow bone to draw more focus to my eyes.

So that’s my DIY kit for now, while I continue my search for a kit made specifically for contouring and highlighting.

Do you know of such a kit? Or have you come up with your own solution? We’d love to know, so please share in the comments!

Everyday Shimmery Pink + Brown [Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorial]

Every now and then I come across eye makeup images on Pinterest that inspire me to step away from my trusted and familiar routine. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay Naked palette, and even more so when it comes to the new(er) Naked2 palette. This past weekend I realized that I’ve neglected my beloved original Naked palette ever since getting my hands on the Naked 2 palette a few months back. I decided to experiment with new looks by combining shades from the original Naked palette and the Naked2 palette.

If you’re a fan of both Naked palettes and haven’t already done so, I recommend that you experiment with mixing shades from both palettes – the possibilities are truly endless.

This tutorial shows my current favorite quick and easy daytime look created from combining the palettes. I love the fresh and shimmery pink look, which is a welcome change from the gold and nude tones I’ve been sporting for a while. I also opted to use a deep brown gel eyeliner (also from Urban Decay) and not my usual pencil and I am enjoying a more subtle definition.

For this tutorial I used the following shades from the Naked and Naked2 palettes:

If you’ve mixed it up by combining shades from both Naked palettes, please share with us in the comments! It is so fun to try new looks without going to Sephora and spending more money.

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Cream Eyeliner [REVIEW/PHOTOS]

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil has been my eyeliner of choice for several months now; I love its smooth application, ability to blend and long-lasting wear. Since some Urban Decay products have been on sale for very discounted prices lately, I decided to give another Urban Decay eyeliner a try: Ink for Eyes. Ink for Eyes is a hybrid between a traditional pencil eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner. (I will admit I’ve never been that great at applying liquid eyeliner, so a gel seemed like a good alternative.)

I decided to go with Ink for Eyes in Demolition, a deep chocolate color, since I already have pencils in charcoal and black. The first thing I noticed and liked about Ink for Eyes is the slick packaging, which includes a mirror and a double-ended applicator with precision and smudgy ends.

The consistency of Ink for Eyes is that of a gel/cream eyeliner. The only other eyeliners of this type that I have tried in the past were Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, neither of which impressed me. Fortunately, the smooth consistency of Ink for Eyes makes it extremely easy to apply an even line.

Here is a breakdown of my likes and dislikes of Urban Decay Ink for Eyes.



Natural and sheer look Not as long-lasting as some eyeliner pencils (UD 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil) or liquid eyeliners
Easy to apply May not be best for women with oily eyelids, tends to smudge a bit after a few hours of wear (using an eye shadow primer first should help – here is my favorite)
Useful case which includes mirror and double-ended applicator On the pricey side (regularly $22, but I scored mine on sale for $7)